Activator Method Chiropractic

During his studies, Dr. Dirck observed many Quad Cities area residents avoiding chiropractic care due to the fear of being cracked, popped, twisted, and turned. This inspired him to begin practicing the activator method technique. He is trained in the traditional methods of adjusting, as well as the uncommon, innovative methods that he believes are especially beneficial.

Information regarding the activator technique:

• The activator method is a gentle, low force, chiropractic technique that utilizes a small, FDA-approved instrument to adjust patients and return them to a normal, healthy, state.
• The activator instrument was developed for optimum comfort and effectiveness without the intimidation of manual adjusting.
• The activator can be used on patients of all ages, states of physical fitness and health for a wide range of conditions.
• This technique is the most widely used, low-force, instrument adjustment, technique in the world.
• There is little-to-no “cracking” or “popping” felt by the patient.

For information on the activator method technique and to determine if this method is right for you, call 309-236-7776 to schedule a consultation.
Dr. Dirck is a passionate believer in chiropractic care. It is more than a job; it is his mission to reach individuals in our community who currently under-served and may not understand the benefit of regular chiropractic care. He would be honored to partner with you on the journey to reach your fullest potential.