5 Reasons Why I Stopped Tracking Everything.

By on July 17, 2017

Looking back now, it’s clear that my personality type probably is not a great fit for tracking steps, calories, sleep, etc. but there was a time when I was all about that life.

Tracking is a method that works really well for some but here are 5 reasons why I quit tracking.

  1. Comparing myself to others. I’ve come a long way but I have a tendency of comparing myself to others and beating myself up for not “living as well as they do”. I have consciously worked on my self-esteem and viewing others progress could both build me up and bring me down.
  2. I was thinking about calories more than nutrition. I would measure my day in calories and think about how many I had “left”. On days where I was really busy and didn’t eat much, I’d justify eating more dessert after dinner because I’d been “good”.
  3. It took time. I would find myself searching for the food I was eating in MyFitnessPal while I was eating it or checking to see how many steps I’d taken while shopping with my mom.
  4. I’d feel like a work out was pointless if I forgot to wear my FitBit. I would be so frustrated receiving a notification that my girlfriend just completed 10,000 steps and I went to the gym that morning but forgot to wear my FitBit. My work out felt like it was a waste.
  5. I would get mad at myself. I love setting goals but I’m really hard on myself when I fall short. A lazy Sunday at home with Kyle & Tallulah binging Netflix and eating our favorite foods felt so good in my heart but I would beat myself up when my only steps were to the bathroom and back to the couch. I want to enjoy those calories, baggy sweatpants and all of the joy they bring to our family.

I’m not opposed to tracking an area of my life again in the future but for where I’m at right now, letting go and figuring out who I am and what’s best for ME, feels best.

{Photo: Tallulah taking a break from our walk in Duck Creek.}

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